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TRON altered for Blu-ray release

Tron.jpgAt first I was horrified. Has the director of TRON, Steven Lisberger, gone mad? Has he done a George Lucas and altered parts of the original film to make it into a new version, and probably a CG one filled with fluffy animals and stupid kid-friendly moments?

The answer is no. He's been hard at work getting a new Blu-ray version of the film ready for release, and the changes are in tone, colouration, and other visual aspects to make it look as good as it can on the new format. Things he didn't have the technology to do back then, and nothing to affect the story.

The good news is that TRON is getting a Blu-ray release, and I'm actually heartened by what Steven Lisberger has revealed. Just dropping the film onto Blu-ray with a remastered picture would have been great but the idea that he's been tweaking with the look and feel of the in-world footage and particularly what he describes as “the glow” has me wanting to get a copy.

He was speaking to Collider just after they saw the TRON: Legacy footage, which they are very excited about, and revealed a few other things about the Blu-ray release, but I'm not convinced that he hasn't played with the actual story. Let me pick out a few phrases from the article:

...it’s a lot of subtle changes throughout the film...

...after remastering the movie, Tron feels closer to what he imagined it would feel like in terms of the color balance...

...there is consistency that wasn’t there before and he got to play with the glow...he tweaked things that couldn’t be done back in the early 80’s...

I guess for me it's that short phrase “there is consistency that wasn’t there before” which suggests something more to do with the story than the visuals. However we are assured he hasn't added scenes or characters and objects in the background, and that they are subtle changes.

The proof will be in the pudding. TRON on Blu-ray, yes please. Now we need a release date.

It'll be interesting to see how a new audience takes to TRON though, especially after TRON: Legacy. Considering the look of the light cycles above with the ones I saw in the preview last night, I wonder if this release will be nostalgia for the original fans, will there be a new fan base with the all improved film version out there?



I don't think there will be any real changes to the story. I personally believe the "consistency" he was speaking of is in regard to the colors & tone. There are moments in the film where the colors are not consistent and things are slightly off.

I was hoping for remastered THX sound with more bass just like the new Legacy film and wouldn't mind new CGI if there's a TRON theatrical re-release.

Fantastic post.Ne'er knew this, appreciate it for letting me know.


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