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Verhoeven directing succubus film?

PaulVerhoeven.jpgPeople are getting excited that Paul Verhoeven is returning toe the sexiness of films such as Basic Instinct with a new film that promises at least one sex scene. It's an excitement I can't get into myself for the power of Basic Instinct was not in the sex but in the writing and performing of the two main characters and their dynamic together.

That's something that I hope could be there in his next film called Eternal which will tell the story of a man seduced by a succubus who is ultimately after his soul.

For Paul Verhoeven it does sound like new territory, a ghost story and to a degree a horror, perhaps pulling on strengths of films like Basic Instinct and some of the more positive aspects of films such as Hollow Man, and to stray away from his films for a second, there's a feeling of something like The Entity in there too. While it might not sound initially like a Paul Verhoeven film, if you aren't obsessed with the sex angle, it does sound like an interesting turn for him.

Deadline Hollywood Daily reported that Verhoeven was set to sign a deal to direct the film Eternity, and they also revealed that the script came from David Loughery who also wrote Obsessed and Lakeview Terrace. Richard D’Ovidio, who wrote Thir13en Ghosts and Exit Wounds, is trying a rewrite for the director and if that turns out well he could be directing the supernatural film.

The story follows a recovering alcoholic who happens across a woman on the Golden Gate bridge who is about to throw herself off. He talks her down and returning her hotel they get closer and end up having sex. When the man gets home he finds that his wife has hired a private detective and they have shots of him in a compromising position. Not with a woman, but in a hotel room, alone, drinking. At first he struggles to understand what is happening, but soon he figures out that a spirit is trying to seduce him to gain control over his soul.

That sounds an interesting story all round, and putting the sex to the side for a moment it sounds like a strong supernatural thriller that could do well, especially with Verhoeven behind it.

We should, of course, remember that he was responsible for Black Book which is far from some of the films that he's well known for. This could take elements of everything that Verhoeven is known for and bring something new to the audience as well.



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