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We Are the Night trailer online

WeAretheNight.jpgWhile I hate the fact that the German We Are the Night trailer has been redubbed into English and the soundtrack doesn't feel quite right, there are some interesting aspects to the film that comes from the director and co-writer of the excellent Filmstalker review who co-wrote and directed this modern looking vampire story.

The film stars Karoline Herfurth, Nina Hoss, Jennifer Ulrich, Anna Fischer, Max Riemelt and Ricky Watson and tells the story of a woman who falls prey to a small group of female vampires, becomes a vampire herself, and soon learns the highs and lows of the reality of being a vampire.

There are already hints in this trailer that it's not going to be a nice, friendly, Hollywood version of vampires but that this could become quite a bit darker. I'm just hoping for a better German trailer than this one that is perhaps designed to try and attract foreign distribution.

Here's the blurb for We Are the Night:

20-year-old Berlin native Lena (Karoline Herfurth) gets by as a petty thief. On one of her nightly job runs through an underground club, she meets 250-year-old Louise (Nina Hoss). Don't let her age fool you. Louise is a glamorous vixen, who is not only the owner of the club, but also the leader of an unusual all-female vampires trio, the other two members being wild child Nora (Anna Fischer) and elegant Charlotte (Jennifer Ulrich). Louise falls head over heels in love with the scruffy Lena and bites her during their first night together. Once bitten, Lena discovers the curse and the blessing of her new, eternal life. She revels in the glamour, parties and infinite freedom. But she quickly discovers that the endless blood thirst and murderous appetite of her new girlfriends come at a steep price. When Berlin police commissioner Tom Serner (Max Riemelt) begins investigating the women, it is just a matter of time before their day comes and events spiral out of control

What I like as well is that the policeman who is investigating the women does seem to discover who they are, and perhaps the story leads from there.

While the trailer hasn't captured me completely, I am taken by the fact that Dennis Gansel is co-writer and director. He fulfilled the same roles on the excellent Filmstalker review which was a very powerful film and really well directed, which is why I'm wondering if he really had any say in this trailer.

Here is the trailer for We Are the Night which comes from TrailerAddict after AITH put me on its trail because I couldn't embed their copy.



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