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Zemeckis back to the future? Superman?

RobertZemeckis.jpgSee what I did there? I was talking about going Robert Zemeckis returning to the topic of time travel for a new feature film and I used his trilogy Back to the Future as a pun, like it? No, I didn't either.

The exciting thing though is not so much his next film could be about time travel, but that it's going to be live action and that silly, pointless motion capture has been ditched. For now at least.

The film is apparently called Timeless and is being pitched as a big, and I hate these silly phrases, "tent pole" film, probably complimenting all those canvas, cable and tent peg films that make up the studio - and you thought my metaphors were silly.

Anyway, let's move on from silly metaphors and talk about Timeless which Robert Zemeckis and ImageMovers are producing the film which will be written by Mike Thompson.

That's really it, there's nothing more that the story has on what Timeless is, but let's just hope that if Zemeckis is directing a film after Yellow Submarine that he's going to direct a live action one. If we head back through the motion capture films, films which I think would have been so much better in live action, we hit such titles like Cast Away, Contact, Forrest Gump.

Now tell me, compare that to titles like A Christmas Carol, Beowulf and The Polar Express from his motion capture period, and what would you rather see? If you said motion capture you're either winding me up or fooling yourself.

Look, this is the guy who made the Back to the Future films, Forrest Gump, Contact and Romancing the Stone, why wouldn't you want more films of that calibre?

I do hope he's going to be making something new, Timeless or not.

Oh, and there's another titbit of rumour just dropped in a sentence in the Deadline Hollywood Daily story, that Zemeckis is interesting in Superman: Man of Steel, and to use another terrible metaphor he's...

"...been rumored to be kicking the tires on such live action projects as Superman."

I think that's supposed to be for us to pick up on and say things like "oooh, Zemeckis is in the running to direct Superman". Oh boy, the rumours for that are going crazy.

Saying that though, could he?



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