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Alice Creed director burns Chicago with Nolan brother?

DisappearanceofAliceCreed.jpgThe man who wrote and directed The Disappearance of Alice Creed, J Blakeson, is in negotiations to direct a new film that sounds like he's being catapulted towards Hollywood all of a sudden.

The film is about the great fire of Chicago and the writer none other than Jonathan Nolan, writing partner and brother of Christopher Nolan. Together they have brought us Memento, The Prestige, The Dark Knight, and soon to be made The Dark Knight Rises.

Now if that doesn't sound a big combination perhaps throwing in that the studio behind the film is Warner Bros. and that the great Chicago fire is seen as one of the biggest disasters in American history with the fire destroying a large part of the city, killing hundreds of people.

The fire spread because of a drought, high winds, and the fact that building in the city had relied heavily on wood. It didn't help that apparently firefighters were exhausted after fighting a large fire from the day before.

This is quite the move for J Blakeson, especially considering that The Disappearance of Alice Creed wasn't really picked up by U.S. audiences, and that for me is the most surprising part of this, as despite this Warner Bros. are interested in seeing him direct this huge American story, especially as Alice Creed is the only feature he's directed so far.

Still, the film was really good and considering he wrote it as well has to elevate him in stature even more. I do also find it rather refreshing that despite the film being missed by America the studio hasn't missed his potential and talent.

Then add into the mix the writing talents of Jonathan Nolan, a writer who we have only really witnessed through co-writing with his brother who his much better known for the amazing films he's produced, but how much of that writing has been down to Jonathan? It looks like time will tell.

The Hollywood Reporter has the story about the film on the great fire of Chicago, a big film indeed, but for the strong talents in writing and directing, this could turn out to be something rather good.



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