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Battle: Los Angeles second trailer online

BattleLosAngeles.jpgLucky us, the marketing teams for Battle: Los Angeles have decided to hit the Skyline opening weekend hard, and with that they've released another trailer for the film.

You can see the previous one in glorious high definition in the previous post, and this one differs in that it gives more of the background of the story, the blurb is right there in the trailer.

There's no need to repeat myself from the trailer I posted earlier today, suffice to say this one isn't as strong but does take us in a slightly different direction and build on the story rather than anything else.

The new trailer comes from Omelet through ShockTillYouDrop. See what you think.

It does look like the title outside of American might well be World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles, which sounds much more like a series of films with battles in each city, but I really doubt that's going to happen, so Battle: Los Angeles it is.



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