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Bay reveals new 3D techniques for Transformers: Dark of the Moon

MichaelBay.jpgMichael Bay has been defending Transformers: Dark of the Moon, although to be fair to the director there seems to be no need as he's addressing one of the most annoying things on the Internet, the "inside source" rubbish.

However while he was addressing the story in his usually open style he did reveal some interesting information about the filming, and it seems that the production is going to be delivering something new to the realm of 3D.

The story is that a website got hold of a story from one of these "sources close to..." which said that Michael Bay had dumped 3D from the filming of Transformers: Dark of the Moon and that what they would do instead is convert the film in post production.

Lies, damn lies according to Michael Bay who spoke out on the Shoot For the Edit forums when a member mentioned the story. Bay was quick to put things right:

"Who is this moron posting about what I'm shooting with??? People have no idea how hard we have worked to bring 3D filming into live action shooting. We have invented rigs and systems to place 3d cameras like no other live action movie has done before. The proof will be noticed on the final product."

It's something that's confirmed by the source story from MichaelBay.com who revealed that they were on set for the filming in Chicago and took pictures of the 3D rigs that were being used, used at a time the "source" story claims they had already ditched 3D.

So another "inside source" or "source close to..." story is debunked, and I think that's pretty much the norm really, when that's a source of a story it's usually made up to capture headlines or the site has been totally taken in by someone who just emailed them with a story. Either way, it's rubbish.

While I'm not one to defend Transformers as I'm not a fan of the style of the films or the substance so far, I do appreciate Michael Bay's dedication and the way he stands up for his work.

What I find interesting here is what he's saying about the way they are using 3D, and apart from the fact that he is breaking the trend of 3D post production and filming in 3D from scratch, they're trying some new and developing the way they film 3D, as he says new rigs and systems.

It doesn't sound like a film abandoning 3D does it? More than that though, it's good that Bay is taking a film like Transformers and trying to push things rather than just going with the trend, and as much as I personally don't take to the films, I have to respect Bay for the way he does things.

How easy would it have been to have handed it over for 3D post production, even Harry Potter was going to go that way. Even though they're filming in 3D they aren't just doing that, they're developing new ways of filming. That's got to raise your opinion of the film and the director, it does for me, and no, I'm not crawling.



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