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Brody holds up Giallo release

Giallo.jpgWhat's funny about this story is that Adrien Brody is holding up the release of the horror film Giallo not because it's rubbish, but because he didn't get paid for aforementioned rubbish. I guess we should applaud him for not getting hung up on if a film looks damaging to his career or not and just letting them live or die by themselves.

Brody has been to court and a Federal Judge has ruled that it cannot be distributed in the U.S. until he is paid the fee he was promised for the film.

To be fair to Adrien Brody it sounds like an open and shut case. He was due to be paid US $640,000 during filming, that never happened and he discovered it was because the film was underfunded, so they promised him a new deal and told him funding was secured and linked to the sale of the Italian distribution rights, valued at US $2 million.

The deal as described by The Hollywood Reporter sounds like a good one, and the producers of Giallo asked Adrien Brody to delay his payment and agree to the...

"...absolute right to withhold consent to the use of his likeness in the Picture..."

...until he received his contracted payment in full.

Perhaps that's part of the reason why it's such a bad film, maybe Brody's heart wasn't totally in it, distracted by this issue on set? Well it's nice to try and blame the actor but judging from the comments of Stuart Wood (woodo79) back from the Filmstalker Edinburgh International Film Festival 2009 Audiocast Roundup - now there's a mouthful - it wasn't just Brody that was bad in the film.

Whatever you think of the film, good or bad, if he hasn't been paid then he hasn't been paid and he deserves to be if that's what he was promised and the film has made enough money by now. Of course if the film hasn't made enough then there's a quandary. It needs to be released in order to earn to try and pay the lead actor the money the production promised him. However who's to say that it will manage to do that? After all it isn't a good film.



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