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DiCaprio in JFK assassination film

LeonardoDiCaprio.jpgLeonardo DiCaprio is not only going to produce a film about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, but he's also going to star in it as an undercover FBI Agent who hears the confession of a Mafia boss that they ordered the assassination of the President.

What's more is that this is one of the conspiracy theories behind the actual assassination and it's all detailed in the book by Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartmann entitled Legacy of Secrecy: The Long Shadow of the JFK Assassination (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) which seemingly has a pretty compelling amount of evidence behind it.

Although the Warren Commission never highlighted the theory the 1979 House Select Committee on Assassinations did, and stated that the Mafia boss behind the conspiracy had the motive, means and the opportunity to assassinate President John F. Kennedy. Now if that isn't a sign that the book was on to the right track then you should read on.

The book delves into the story that the Mafia godfather Carlos Marcello confessed to the undercover FBI Agent Van Laningham that he ordered the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Laningham is the role that Leonardo DiCaprio is set to play in the film.

The article from Variety tells us that the book has plenty of declassified files from the FBI which detail the operation on Marcello and the involvement of Agent Laningham who managed to become a confidant to Marcello, a man who ruled over the Mafia organised crime in Louisiana and Texas for what the article describes as decades.

The book also carries FBI and Secret Service files about the questioning, and in some cases arrests, of more than a dozen of Marcello's associates and family members regarding the assassination.

Interestingly though the Wikipedia article on Carlos Marcello states that after the FBI investigation of the man they found he was not involved in the assassination, however it also found that he was a...

"...a tomato salesman and real estate investor."

The suggestion there is that he was nothing to do with organised crime, and as a result the Warren Commission had no interest in him.

However this hasn't been the first book about the theory and G. Robert Blakey, the Chief Counsel and Staff Director to the House Select Committee on Assassinations, published a book called The Plot to Kill the President (Amazon.co.uk
/ Amazon.com) in 1981. In it he states that he believes Lee Harvey Oswald was involved but that there was also at least one gunman on the grassy knoll that day and that Marcello, Santo Trafficante Jr., along with Chicago boss Salvatore Giancana, were heavily involved in the planning.

Wow, there's a little piece of investigation into the story and the book behind film, but I think it's necessary to understand what the film will cover that so many documentaries and films to date haven't, particularly the famous JFK from Oliver Stone.

Leonardo DiCaprio will play the agent who the mob boss confesses to, and will probably play a key role in the rest of the story. Whether the film is going to concentrate on a complete new theory of the assassination with this being the key part, or whether it's going to concentrate on the investigation into the Mafia boss himself I'm not entirely sure of. Right now it seems that this is going to cover the complete assassination theory, but we'll have to wait and see as the writers develop the film and see if this could trump JFK.



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