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Emmerich's low budget invasion film canned?

RolandEmmerich.jpgI am shocked. Shocked that Roland Emmerich can deliver films with such hulking budgets seemingly without issue, but when it comes to a low budget invasion film he's thrown in the towel.

The Zone was to be delivered on an incredibly low budget, in comparison to his other films, and would have actually been under 5% of his normal budgets. A “found footage” film it was going to be about an alien invasion and apparently the plan as to improvise large sections of it.

Not now though, as it looks like the director has decided not to pursue the film, and that's an interesting choice.

There's a scrabble over at The Hollywood Reporter to try and find some meaning and reason behind the decision, and I'd tend to throw away the argument that there are too many science fiction films at the moment, perhaps though there are too many alien invasion films and definitely seems to be a real bandwagon approach to the “found footage” trend.

For we've heard about Dark Moon and Apollo 18, both films coming that will see Apollo missions and alien encounters with the hook of recovered footage to tell a story, and there are a few alien invasion films on the go at the moment as well as a few other types of films exploiting the idea of the found footage.

However I can't really see that being the reason, just because there's other competition out there does that mean you back down? Well maybe if you think it's not going to work or earn the returns, after all it's not being done for the love of it, is it?

Perhaps there was a realisation that there just wasn't anything new and exciting to be had with the idea and the genre? Perhaps he saw some of his ideas disappearing with the other projects.

Whatever the reason the announcement is that Roland Emmerich is no longer pursing the development of the film The Zone. So I wonder if he'll still look for a low budget film as his next one?



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