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Gambit remake gets director

Gambit.jpgI had thought that we'd first heard about the remake of the Michael Caine and Shirley MacLaine led film Gambit ages ago, but actually the first time it really had any substance was at the start of the year when we heard the Coen Brothers were on the project. Since then, nothing.

This is where I always say, until now, and today's no different. The news is that not only does it have financing but it also has a director. The remake of the 1966 British crime comedy.

Gambit told the story of a thief who pulls together a plan to steal a priceless statue from the world's richest man, but he needs some female assistance and recruits Eurasian showgirl Suzy Chang. He carefully plans the heist to the nth degree, ensuring nothing could go wrong, except everything does, time and time again, and to complicate matters he starts to fall for his accomplice.

Amazingly Chang was played by Shirley MacLaine, something that I think will no doubt be changed. For me, if they're keeping that role to a similar type, I'd say get the stunning and very good actress Maggie Q. I'm quite the fan of hers.

Meanwhile anyone could pick up the lead role that was played by Michael Caine, although I don't mean that as a negative to his portrayal of the character, just that we could easily see, and no doubt will, the role transported to America and replaced with a leading Hollywood name.

However reading the article reveals the fact that they plan to film in London, now that could mean it's just located in London and the leading role is still open, or they're planning to keep the leading man English. Clive Owen anyone?

Michael Hoffman, the director of the recent The Last Station, is set to take the directorial role on the remake of Gambit according to the report from Deadline Hollywood Daily.

When I first wrote about the film I'd said that the script was moving towards production a number of times, but this is the closest we've seen it. Is this the final push for the film? Well it certainly hasn't had a director before. Now they just need those stars.

Is this another one of those films that could actually be remade?



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