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Hare delivering old school thriller?

DavidHare.jpgDavid Hare is a respected playwright and scriptwriter and has scripts to his name such as Damage, The Hours and The Reader, and he's about to direct a film he's written that promises a return to the older generation of spy thrillers, when there was a reliance on story, characters and strong suspense and tension, not a reliance on standard tricks and the music track.

What springs to mind for me are films such as The Parallax View or The Star Chamber, but for David Hare he turns to the espionage stories of the classic John le Carre.

Speaking about his new script, which he's also going to direct, he revealed that John le Carre is actually a neighbour of his and that he had offered to read his script for him, but he was too scared to let him read it, although I'm sure he took him up on the offer, wouldn't you? Mind you as David Hare retells it, Carre said:

"I promise to be withering"

Perhaps not then!

"That put me in my place. I wouldn't dare give the screenplay to Le Carre. I'd be absolutely terrified to show him what I've come up with."

However what this little anecdote does show is that Hare has a lot of respect for Le Carre and that his film, called Page 8, is going to be in the vein of those classic spy thrillers. According to the Daily Mail he said that he wrote the film to...

"...sort of conspicuous that there are very few modern spy films"

That does fill me with hope of what kind of thriller we could be seeing, something returning to Three Days of the Condor or the paranoid, political films like The Parallax View would suit me down to the ground, out of all cinema these are the style of thrillers I really do adore.

So David Hare writing and directing Page 8 is already an interesting prospect, but then the article tells us who is lined up for the cast and that's where my excitement rises another notch. It stars Rachel Weisz, Bill Nighy, Michael Gambon, Ralph Fiennes and Judy Davis.

Weisz will be playing a mysterious woman, Nighy an MI5 operative who thinks that Weisz's character is a threat and Gambon plays the director general of MI5. It's not yet been revealed who Fiennes and Davis will be playing.

Now tell me that this doesn't grab you, and can I lay my bets on this being remade by Hollywood a couple of years after its release?



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