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Little Fockers trailer online

LittleFockers.jpgEverything that I hate about American comedy is in this trailer. Alleged comedy about sexual acts, bodily functions, and juvenile repetition of swear words, in this case almost a swear word, a “joke” that wore thin on the first airing of the first trailer.

Now we see more of this puerile rubbish, and it's embarrassing. Come on, do you really laugh through any of this trailer? In fact I cringed, the “focker sandwich” joke with the two kids was indeed a little creepy.

Little Fockers is...oh dear me I can't, I really can't. Look it's just more of the same with that one word gag stretched out for another film. My god, what has Robert De Niro become?

Here's the trailer from Yahoo Trailers through Deadline Hollywood Daily:



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