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Logan's Run left without director

LogansRun.jpgYou could almost say that if Logan's Run were a Samurai that it was now a Ronin, master-less, and that's a play on the fact that the man who was set to direct Logan's Run has headed off to direct 47 Ronin instead, leaving Logan's Run once again stranded.

Carl Rinsch was looking at both films, but has decided to turn completely towards 47 Ronin, which is rather disappointing for someone who is a fan of Logan's Run and is one of the few films I can see that would be worth a remake.

Carl Rinsch was noticed after his short science fiction film The Gift, that ended up with him being associated with projects such as the Alien prequels, until that is Ridley Scott decided to return to the franchise, and he was luckily graced with the choice of 47 Ronin or Logan's Run.

It seems, according to The Hollywood Reporter Heat Vision, that the reason 47 Ronin pulled out ahead was the fact that it was given the go ahead by the studio and already has scouting and concept designs complete. Of course it also has Keanu Reeves attached to star in the film too, despite the fact that it is based on a true story from the 18th century of a group of Samurai who set out to seek revenge for the death of their master.

There's been a long list of names interested in remaking Logan's Run, Bryan Singer being the most vocal of it and the one that perhaps got the closest to seeing it made, but still it's never actually happened.

The film tells of a future society, blocked off from the outside world for fear of contamination from a hostile, post-apocalyptic environment, who are struggling with population control. The society deems that everyone is embedded with a crystal that turns red when they reach thirty and then black as they are sent to the ceremony called the Carousel.

Basically they are killed and the people believe that they are going on to something better, and when a Sandman called Logan 5, Sandmen are responsible for hunting down and killing Runners who try to escape the Carousel, sees his crystal turn red a series of events helps push him towards running and find out the truth about their terrible society.

There are so many unexplored themes in that film that really could be brought to the fore in a new version. I just hope that someone picks it up soon.



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