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New 13 trailer online

13.jpgThe remake of 13 Tzameti from writer and director Géla Babluani has another trailer, and this one's a lot better than the previous. It's dark, brooding and builds the tension and mystery well, and could turn out to be a strong remake. The reason for that is most undoubtedly down to the fact that the original director has remade the film.

The cast includes Ray Winstone, Alexander Skarsgård, Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, Michael Shannon, Sam Riley, 50 Cent, David Zayas and Ben Gazzara, and most of them provide strong moments in the trailer, I say most because I do with Cent would move his mouth a little when he talks and put some more emotion into it.

Mind you Mickey Rourke, Michael Shannon, Ray Winstone and the lead Sam Riley all look like they're going to be making up for any shortcomings in other actors. Even in these short moments the "game" scenes are rather tense and you can feel the fear in Riley's performance.

I'm rather looking forward to 13, although I'm really not sure if I should watch 13 Tzameti first.

13 tells the story of a man who comes across instructions intended for another man. He decides to follow them without knowing where they will take him. Unfortunately when he reaches the place where the instructions take him he discovers a terrifying world based around a deadly underground game. He's not alone though, he's been tailed by a cop, a cop who is struggling with his own problems.

Here's the new trailer, and unlike the previous Russian one, this is the first Western trailer for 13, found through Shadow and Act and RowThree.



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