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New The Green Hornet trailer

TheGreenHornet-Poster.jpgI've not been blown away by the idea of the film version of The Green Hornet for various reasons, really it all started getting a little dodgy when Seth Rogen was involved and the ups and downs of Stephen Chow from director to star to exiting. From there things didn't get any better and although some of the cast sounded strong, it just didn't feel right for me.

A couple of trailers came and went and I wasn't overly impressed, in fact not many people were. Now there's a new trailer and it does pull towards the side of good rather than of typical American comedy, and there's some suggestion that this might actually work out well.

Apparently though we were all wrong as were the trailers, for there have been rumours since that the screenings of the film have been so positive there's talk of a sequel already. Of course that could just be marketing trying to cover up the mess of the previous trailers and this new one could be trying to make the idea work again, and to some extent it has.

There are still some issues, like the miscast Seth Rogen and the lack of Stephen Chow in director and actor, but everything else looks pretty good. What's especially good about this trailer is that it's much less Seth Rogen and much more Jay Chou, aka Kato, as well as some of Christoph Waltz's bad guy.

Here's the trailer for The Green Hornet that comes through Yahoo Trailers and Twitch, see what you think of this one:



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