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New TRON: Legacy trailer online

TronLegacy.jpgThere's a new trailer on the go for TRON: Legacy and it contains a lot of the footage I saw in the special preview I wrote about online, but it also contains a lot more.

There's new footage of things we haven't really seen yet, flying vehicles and the young looking Jeff Bridges, something I've been really sceptical about.

Even the preview footage I saw showed a shot of the young Jeff Bridges looking up and although his face looked nigh on perfect, there was still that element of recognition that this was CG and not quite human.

That same recognition hits me when I saw him the first time in this trailer, but I have to say the closing shot of him is better. Of course in the computer world you're going to accept the younger looking Bridges far more readily than you will seeing him in the real world.

Have a look at the new trailer for TRON: Legacy which comes through /Film and see what you feel about the CG. I'm on a definite upswing about it, and indeed the whole film.



In the original Tron, did Jeff Bridges have a big gay looking CGI heed? No? Didn't think so.

I, myself, think they did a great job of incorporating the digital face to the body but I'm not crazy about the facial expression. I'm definitely not saying it fools the eye but it still beats anything they did with the Clone army in the last Star Wars movies.

It's definitely getting better, and as I say I think it works perfectly in the computer world.

Mark, you just don't like CG replacing actors do you?

I would if they looked human. I'm against replacing actors with crappy looking fake humans that look like they've wandered out of Final Fantasy.

I would if they looked human. I'm against replacing actors with crappy looking fake humans that look like they've wandered out of Final Fantasy.

Although surely it's acceptable here since there was no way of getting the young Jeff Bridges to play the role, and behind the CG face it's Jeff Bridges anyway?

There is no way a prosthetic or a look-alike could have worked better than this.

They probably could have chosen to work with camera angles to either hide his face or keep it out of focus or whatnot but this is an effects movie, of course they wanna show his face outright and in my opinion, this was the best option to pull it off.

This one will run and run. I noticed on the Tron forums that they already have pages dedicated to 'Facegate'.

It's a good point Vash, but you could say that they used the best methods of the day to produce the shark in Jaws, but it's still a pretty ropey rubber shark.

I see a few big name prosthetic guys have already said they would have liked to have tried make up. Might have been interesting. Advances in silicon prosthetics might have made it possible, with a little CG blending?

At the end of the day, they released a trailer and a large part of the audience pointed and shouted, 'What the hells wrong with that guys face?'

That's not ideal. Also it's overshadowing what looks like some otherwise lovely eye-candy.

As I said, Uncanny Valley is not a problem that I see being overcome in the upcoming few years. Not in cinema. Not in robotics. Not in cartoons. You raise a good point though.

The rubber shark in jaws, while the best option at the time, still looked rather shabby. But let me ask you this: Had Spielberg or any other movie director back then, every time they weren't a 100% satisfied with the FX they were using, thought "This doesn't look real. Let's scrap this and try not to show the thing." Do you believe that animatronics, prosthetics and makeup FX would be as advanced as they are today? I believe not.

If no one uses these evolving techniques(imperfect as they may be) and thus fund them, they are never going to improve. The movie industry will continue to rely on old tricks. Sure we get a few "rubber sharks" along the way but one thing that I find necessary to the enjoyment of any movie is bit of "suspension of belief".

As much as I hate 3D in movies, if Spielberg hadn't stuck to his guns and believed in that new technology and fund it; I don't think 3D technology in movies would be what it is today, or rather what it is growing to be.

No, the younger Jeff Bridges' face is not perfect in this upcoming Tron movie. But it is, in my opinion, already better than the one used in the last Terminator for Arnold. If the technology keeps improving with each outing, who knows how good it'll look 5 years from now?

I rather enjoyed the CG Arnie, the only part of that film I did enjoy. Possibly because it was representing a creature trying to pass itself off as human rather than an actual human.

As you say, it'll get better.

Good point you made there Mark, when CG is used with practical effects it's always much more realistic, when it's used as the sole effect it does stand out and with today's technology it is obvious. Perhaps if make-up artists had been given a chance to try ti create the young Bridges along with the use of CG it would have looked much more realistic.

Vash, that's an equally strong comment. Without these technologies being used they won't advance and get better.

I think though, in the meantime, they should use CG with practical, not as a sole replacement. It's a bit like the 3D argument, it shouldn't be the sole focus, if it's going to be used it should be another aspect of the film-making like lighting and scoring. Part of the process, not the complete replacement.


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