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Nielsen's last film in trouble

LeslieNeilsen.jpgLeslie Nielsen's last film might never get seen, and not because he's died leaving the film unfinished, but because the producers didn't have the money to finish the film after he'd completed his voice work on it.

The Waterman Movie is an animated film from Bryan Waterman who wrote and directed the film as well as voice acted alongside Nielsen. However the film has a long way to go before completion and actually it sounds as though it's going to need a lot of help from the audience.

Here's the blurb for The Waterman Movie:

When famed comedy rock duo 16Buttons of Justice is informed of the tremendous failure that is the 16Buttons of Justice TV Show, the duo must come up with a plan to send ratings through the roof, before the show is cancelled. Soon after hearing that Ready Espanosa, father to 16Buttons of Justice front man Raccoon X. Espanosa and world famous explorer, has gone missing, the duo decides to document their own rescue attempt to save the greatest adventurer of all time.

It actually seems that although the voices were recorded for the film there wasn't a lot more and the film is a long way off from being completed. With the complication of there being no funds, the film may never get made and we may never hear the last performance of Leslie Nielson.

That's where the audience come in. For the producers and director of the film are offering a special thanks credit at the end of the film in return for money, and if they can raise enough money they'll make the animation and complete the film.

According to TMZ through The Hollywood Reporter there's a lot of work to do as they state that the "majority of the animation" needs to be completed. Thankfully they aren't just looking for donations from the audience, they are after investors too.

Is it worth saving for the Leslie Nielsen performance? There's part of me that thinks he'll never better his appearance in Police Squad!, Airplane! and The Naked Gun films, but then again, this is the last film he's given his performance to.



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