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Oldboy remake still on?

Oldboy.jpgEveryone's talking about it but really there's no news. Oldboy was being talked about by Steven Spielberg and Will Smith as a potential project some time ago. Their plan was to go to the original manga (comics) and take the story directly from there, for the film version was altered somewhat from the original story, not that it was a bad thing since Oldboy the film was superb.

However it looks like hope in Hollywood for the project is not dead as there's talk of a new script, or possibly the script from the previous attempt that Spielberg and Smith walked away from, and that it may go out to producers who may hand it over to some directors they like.

There's a fair few “may”'s in there, and that's where things get sketchy. However the word is that Mark Protosevich who wrote I Am Legend (Filmstalker review) and The Cell has a script for the film, now there's no word on if this is a pitch, treatment, or a fully fledged script, one can hope that the use of the word is correct and that Protosevich does indeed have a full script ready to go.

While the tweet from Pajiba through JoBlo says that producers are ready to go to some key directors, /Film points out that the producers don't have the script yet and that the director list is a wishlist, and this is suddenly looking like a rumour that's much further away from reality than we first thought.

In fact this script is actually a draft, so we're pulling back from the original story already, and while the producers don't have it to see, they're already talking about who they would like to direct, which is fine but when they haven't even seen the draft script...

Anyway, let's talk about those three directors, Steven Spielberg, Matthew Vaughn and Danny Boyle.

Spielberg has already passed so the script would have to be good, Boyle just isn't someone I see making it work, it just doesn't fit with the kind of films he makes, but then neither did Slumdog Millionaire (Filmstalker review).

However the name of Matthew Vaughn leaps out at me. He seems to be able to pull off the seemingly impossible projects, just look at Kick-Ass, kids swearing and killing people on screen. It became a success and hardly caused a ripple.

If the Hollywood version of Oldboy is going to be as hard hitting as the original Oldboy (Filmstalker review), then perhaps he could be the one to bring it to life?

I do think, and I'm guilty of this as well, that we're leaping up and screaming about how great the film was and that it can't be remade in Hollywood and not looking to the source material itself, the original comic. I've note read it and I don't really know what's different between the two. Has anyone out there who can comment?

Could Hollywood really make Oldboy? No, I don't believe so, even without knowing the source material, but could Matthew Vaughn?



"OldBoy" is one of the most original and disturbing films ever made, I agree that all the directors rumoured to be considering directing it are solid filmmakers, but David Fincher would be the best choice to direct this film based on his previous work


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