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Portman's first script in Hollywood

NataliePortman.jpgNatalie Portman is currently touting her first feature script around Hollywood, co-written by her friend Laura Moses and herself, it's a comedy, something I find rather surprising.

When you look at the actress and her roles I don't think you necessarily associate comedy with her, and maybe that's why she's worked on a comedic script. Yes she's had comedy roles before, but there's always something a tad more serious to her, and overall she's a strong, powerful actress with similarly themed roles.

Surprising then that her first script is a comedy, and what could turn out to be a romantic comedy.

The plot sounds interesting, but does sound like something is being held back from us yet. It tells the story of two women in their twenties who always find themselves unlucky in love (yeah!) and decide to host a party where every woman brings an eligible bachelor along with them.

I think I know why they're unlucky in love, it's probably because they're unbelievably good looking, almost like Hollywood actresses, and only attract a few types of men like the really good looking, self-obsessed ones and the ones looking for a conquest. The others, the keepers, are all too scared to approach them because they're out of their league and they probably never give them a second chance.

What about poor Richard over there, huddled behind the computer, who has a lot to offer but...oh, I'm sorry. I think something from my past just crept in there. Ermmm, where was I?

The blurb for the film called BYO, or Bring Your Own, comes from L.A. Times 24 Frames through Collider, and it sounds interesting enough, but what happens then? That's the set-up for the first twenty minutes, but where does the plot go from there?

I'm really hoping they just don't find the man of their dreams and both fall in love. Twee. They could fall for the same guy, that might work, it's a little better. However the other option is that it turns into a complete swinging party with partners being swapped all over the place, the idea picks up, they start a business, and pretty soon their earning tons from the idea but living soulless lives on the outside of all these good times, love and sex.

Oh, I rather like that. I hope it goes in that direction, and if not I should get writing that this weekend.

Anyway, the story has a casting rumour – who would have thought! - and the name associated with the second female role is Anne Hathaway, well Natalie Portman is co-writing, producing and starring too.



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