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Scream 4 trailer online

Scream4.jpgFinally they've released the official trailer for Scream 4, unfortunately I was away while it was, but I'm back and I've just taken a look, and I can't see anything different from the one that was bootlegged. So why didn't they just release the original?

To begin with I thought that the trailer might have accidentally revealed a key moment, when one of the characters was seen to take the mask off, however that remains in the trailer itself, a trailer that I think is filled with misdirection.

Wes Craven is set on bringing back to life the Scream series with Scream 4, bringing back the original cast and seeing if he can hand over to a younger generation and cast, however what we did hear just recently was a star from the film suggesting that might not be the case. You can read more on that and learn some spoilers over at the previous story, but for now we have to assume the plan is to move forward and this is the end point of the previous franchise.

The trailer doesn't suggest that though, sure there are all new characters and there seems to be some new twists to the story, but the core of the family are still there and it looks like that core are going to be there a lot longer than just a handover.

See what you think of the Scream 4 trailer which is over at Apple trailers in high definition.



I found the trailer depressing. The "kids" talked about psycho-slashers filming their work, but Mickey filmed stuff back in Scream 2. One kid was walking around with a headcam on, but the kids were wearing headcams in Halloween: Resurrection. The trailer made me think of the Wes Craven from "Cursed" rather than from "Scream."

Well noticed. It does feel like a lot of the other films from that trailer, which is maybe something they were going for to win audiences back. It certainly doesn't feel like a completely new take on the story.


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