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Sucker Punch new trailer online

SuckerPunch.jpgA new trailer for Sucker Punch popped up while I was away and it is getting a lot of criticism about the amount of CG in the film, something which I can't understand and just makes me wonder what these critics are expecting from the film.

Let's remember what this film is about and what it's portraying, as the trailer itself says reality is a prison and they have to break free. What would they rather? See the imagination of a person without any CG? Imagination knows no bounds so how could they practically imagine that?

I despair sometimes. Of all films Sucker Punch is one that screams out for the use of CG to make the imagination a reality, and vice versa, and it looks amazing too boot. I like this trailer even more than the previous because it's more about the main character, about her story and the quest in her mind rather than the previous which were showing us the breadth and depth of the CG to bring the imagination to life.

Zack Snyder looks like he's going to deliver another huge film with some stunning sequences and beneath it all a great story. Sometimes I wonder if critics want good films made, would they rather more 3D films with absolutely no heart to them?

I think this new trailer, which comes through Deadline Hollywood Daily, is fresh and exciting and like James Cameron uses 3D, Snyder uses CG. Sucker Punch looks fantastic, get into it.

Seriously, that trailer looks fantastic doesn't it? I'm not even mentioning the great looking cast to go along with it. So far this is one of the films I'm looking forward to most next year.



Can't wait to see this. Amazing canvases, just wouldn't be the same with miniatures and optic tricks.

As much as I love old special effects, this is the kind of movie for which CG was invented!

Exactly! Well said. Plus the CG does look amazing.

See critics, there's a film fan saying they love the look of it.


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