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The 39 Steps remake gains director

The39Steps.jpgThe classic Jon Buchan novel is to get another film adaptation, this would mark its fourth film outing which started with the classic Alfred Hitchcock version in 1935 starring Robert Donat, followed by the 1959 version from Ralph Thomas starring Kenneth More, and the 1978 version from Don Sharp starring Robert Powell. There's also been a British television version in 2008 from James Hawes and starring Rupert Penry-Jones.

Now there's a new version due from stuntman and director Vic Armstrong, although interestingly his isn't the only version marked as coming in the next few years.

A listing for The 39 Steps in 2011 appears on IMDB from writer and director Robert Towne with Carlton Media marked as the production company behind the film. Towne might well be most remembered for writing and directing Tequila Sunrise, a film I've still enjoyed just recently. His writing covers films such as The Firm, Mission: Impossible I and II, Chinatown and uncredited work on Bonnie and Clyde, The Parallax View, Heaven Can Wait, Frantic and more.

I'm think this is sounding like a different production as Vic Armstrong's version was written by Bob Couttie, Neal Bloom, and Debbie Bishop, according to Moviehole through JoBlo.

Armstrong previously directed an episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, a segment in The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Adventures in the Secret Service, and a feature film called Joshua Tree starring Dolph Lundgren. This is quite a leap up for him and will be quite a challenge.

The 39 Steps tells the story of an American in London who accidentally bumps into a man who claims to be a secret agent and is in dire need of assistance. He helps him, but the agent is killed and the man is framed for the murder and pretty soon the police and some mysterious other gentlemen are on his tail. He runs and follows the trail that the agent left him, up to Scotland, and back down to London.

It's a great film and I could only see it being filmed in Britain, but then again we've seen stranger things happen haven't we? Could they relocate The 39 Steps, or will they stay true to the source material and subsequent three films?



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