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Total Recall replaced Arnold Schwarzenegger

TotalRecall.jpgWell it was no surprise that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be replaced in the remake of Total Recall, but it was just a question of who, and the actor named as the lead in the film is rather surprising.

Colin Farrell is the man to lead the new version of Total Recall, if his negotiations pull through that is. He's been offered the role and he's discussing the finer points of the deal.

Len Wiseman is directing the remake, and I think that Total Recall is one of those films that could see another version easily made that could co-exist with the original and not have to remake it as such. There's plenty unexplored in that original, and a lot of different directions to take it, and as we heard before they just might do that.

A while back we heard that the film would focus more on the idea of the implanting of memories in the mind rather than on the mission to Mars, fake or real, more on the chair and the company. However that was before the Kurt Wimmer script was handed in and Wiseman was set for director.

Perhaps the announcement of Colin Farrell being offered the role, which comes from Variety, could be another indication of the direction of the remake, which is actually being called a reboot. However I don't see how you can reboot one film.

Interestingly both Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender were considered for the role, and it is a wonder to me why Hardy wasn't offered it as well.

I wonder how the remake is going to turn out and what direction it's going to take, with Wiseman we know there's going to be action and a lot of style to it, but are we going to see something a little more thoughtful than the original? I'm struggling to believe that we're going to see that.



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