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TRON: Legacy, another trailer?

TronLegacy.jpgI'm not entirely sure if this is a new trailer for TRON: Legacy, as with all the footage I've seen so far it looks like I've seen just about everything in it, although some of the lines spoken do seem new in places. This international trailer looks to be heavy on the story and suggests that there's going to be a move to try and bring Flynn, played by Jeff Bridges, back to the real world.

Although I didn't think the preview footage was as good as it could have been, I am looking back on it with positive thoughts now and the more I think about seeing the film the more excited I'm getting, and this trailer just adds to it.

We know the story for TRON: Legacy by now, years after the events of TRON we find the son of Kevin Flynn being looked after financially by his father's company which is being run by some unscrupulous people. His son isn't interested though and is clearly troubled by a father missing since he was young.

However his father's friend appears one day to reveal that he received a message from Flynn's old arcade. He heads there and discovers where his father has been all this time, entering the world of TRON and a battle to save both it and his father.

Here's the trailer for Joseph Kosinski's first outing and one that looks to be a very memorable one:



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