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Black Swan International Trailer online

BlackSwan.jpgI did find that I had to check the previous trailer for the Black Swan from Darren Aronofsky again just to make sure that this International version was different and indeed it is, actually there's quite a bit removed from the trailer and it does try and spell out much less than the original.

Not only that but the International trailer does manage to concentrate more on the main character and what could be her self-destruction without bringing in too many other distractions from the first trailer.

I'd say this is by far the more powerful trailer for Black Swan, whereas with the first trailer we saw too much of the other characters and the relationship and too much of a thread of the story that brought the mental uncertainty of the character into the real world, and into the physicality of the main character, perhaps showing us too much of the story, this trailer shows us less, and in so many cases less is indeed more.

This trailer for Black Swan has much more power to it and a much more intriguing ending. Even looking at the placement of that shattered ballerina music box is noticeable enough to make this a different trailer.

Have a watch and see what you think. I rather wish the first trailer hadn't been released.

Oh, and look, a whole post without mentioning the actresses and the two sex scenes in the film. I wish I could see more of that too. I am a bit fed up of hearing about those two scenes again and again, you would think there was more to an Aronofsky film than that.



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