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Cast for 21 Jump Street film

21JumpStreet.jpg21 Jump Street was the television series that starred a much younger Johnny Depp, Peter DeLuise son of the great Dom (it's him), Dustin Nguyen and the rather alluring Holly Robinson Peete, as police officers who looked young enough to be high school students and were therefore sent into high schools undercover to solve crimes.

Now it's hitting a film version and while we're still waiting to hear who will be playing the younger cops, two older actors have been signed up, although not really that old.

I say old because in comparison to the young cops who will be passing off as high school students they most certainly will be. Channing Tatum has been confirmed as joining Jonah Hill to star in the film version of the Stephen J. Cannell created series.

21 Jump Street couldn't work with either of these actors in one of the main roles though, unless they were turning it into a bit of a farce, and if we consider that Hill is starring and producing the film that might not be too much of a leap to take.

However I suspect, and the The Hollywood Reporter Heat Vision does too, that these unnamed roles that they are taking won't be those of the young cops posing as high school students.

What does concern me about this film version though is what route they will take it, and to me the fact that Hill is in it suggests that they are going to exploit the partying aspect of high school life, partying, drinking, drugs and sex and use that in the comedy of the film. What that means is something more akin to the average Hollywood comedy we've been getting for the past few years, sex, bodily function and drug related jokes galore, and not much intelligence to it.

Okay the television series of 21 Jump Street wasn't hugely intelligent and was still entertainment, but there was a lot more meat to it and many issues that hit those in high school were addressed in a very non-condescending way.

Is that what we'll expect from the Jonah Hill produced and starring film version?



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