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Drive Angry 3D trailer looks like Ghost Rider

DriveAngry.jpgIs it me or does this look like Ghost Rider in a car? Drive Angry 3D tells the “story” of a man who breaks out of hell to go and seek revenge and redemption for himself, however hot on his tail is the right hand creature of satan himself, who apparently can't catch him for some reason.

It looks fun enough and with Nicolas Cage, William Fichtner, Amber Heard, Billy Burke and David Morse starring then you could expect some fun, and the action will be high with Patrick Lussier directing the Todd Farmer script, but with 3D as part of the title, you might already know the level of film to expect.

Still, Drive Angry 3D looks like fun, but then the Ghost Rider film trailer looked like fun, although at least this has a little less CG work on Nicolas Cage. I don't know though, the story does remain very, very similar. Well, there are muscle cars.

Honestly I don't really know what to say about the film. I can't say the trailer is inspiring me any more than the ones for Ghost Rider did.

Have a look and see what you think. The new trailer for Drive Angry 3D is below, cars, legs, flames and guns:



Looks just as bad as Ghost Rider too.


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