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Hobbit gains regulars

CateBlanchett.jpgThe Hobbit does look like it's moving forward again with news of two Elf related casting stories in the last few days, and there will no doubt be more news on regulars returning as the days go on.

There are going to be two Hobbit films, and after all the furore of recent months, they will be returning to film in New Zealand, and with all that sorted out it looks like Peter Jackson is finally moving forward with them.

Regulars will have to return to keep the continuity going, there's no way they could afford to recast on a series of films this big, it would be a colossal mistake. Even if the recasting worked and we went with it, sit down with the box set of films and you would see a blemish on the entire story, it would be as though some of the pages were marked or dull in the books after you bought the complete series, as though someone with inky fingers had been reading the books. It's not that it would destroy them, but it would dull your appreciation.

So with that yesterday we heard through the BBC that Cate Blanchett had joined The Hobbit films adding a bit of old school Hollywood glamour to the cast, yes I have a huge soft spot for the actress. She's returning to play the Elven leader Galadriel, the Lady of Lothlorien.

We already know that Martin Freeman is Bilbo Baggins - yes I know Freeman is a recast, but there's an age difference to consider that works far better with different actors - and Ken Stott and Sylvester McCoy have been cast.

Next today we hear the rumour from Deadline Hollywood Daily that Orlando Bloom is going to return and is near a deal - not signed and announced yet, just near a deal. He'll return as Legolas, and really I don't doubt there's going to be an issue with him or any other star that has to return.

Apparently though stars such as Andy Serkis as Gollum, Ian McKellen as Gandalf and Hugo Weaving as Elrond haven't been so easy to get to sign so far, the article suggests that the talks for these rules are "arduous", their word, not mine.

However, as I said, the film could not afford to recast even the smallest role. So far the Lord of the Rings films have been impeccable, could they really recast someone? I don't believe so. It would leave Peter Jackson a bitter taste in his mouth, never mind us.



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