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Lussier talks Hellraiser remake

Hellraiser.jpgA remake of Hellraiser has been on the cards for a long time, and it's Patrick Lussier who is the one who is at the helm now, and he's been talking about the plans for the remake, pointing out that it's not a remake but seems as though it will be a new story in the Hellraiser universe.

Still, it's not even written, for the long development of the story, Lussier reveals that he and Todd Farmer are working on the story right now.

Patrick Lussier talked about the state of the film while he was out promoting his latest film, Drive Angry, and he revealed that the film is officially going ahead, does that mean it wasn't before?

”We are officially a go to get it written and we're hashing out the story right now and then we'll go through Bob Weinstein with how we want to approach the massive Hellraiser mythology that exists and how to work within that do something unique.”

So they'll create the story for the new Hellraiser, pitch it to Weinstein, and if he's okay with it they'll start the production. What's unclear is whether by story he means a treatment for a pitch or the entire script, and that could mean the film could be a long way off, or much closer. Still, Weinstein has to okay it yet.

Speaking to Moviefone through JoBlo he reveals what they want to do with the film, and it sounds far from the original idea of the remake. It sounds like he'll take the ideas and concepts that the film delivered and create something entirely new.

”We want to pull from the world that Clive created. Specifically that's what we wanted to do. In that original film he opened so many interesting doorways and opportunities that that's what we want to explore-- always keeping in mind what he had done and how he did it and just working within that world.”

Now that does sound promising, and it sounds like it could be rather respectful to the original film don't you think? What is definitely clear though is that we're not in for a straight Hollywood remake, if Weinstein agrees, and that might be a push because a scene by scene remake in 3D might just make them a ton of money.



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