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Paul UK trailer online

Paul.jpgThere's a new trailer online for Paul, a film I had high hopes for, now though, after this appearance, I'm wondering if it's going to be as good as I first thought.

The new trailer features loads of Paul, the alien played by Seth Rogen, or rather it features Seth Rogen in the guise of an alien while Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, the two men that the UK really want to see in the trailer, are sidelined.

I think it's worse than sidelined actually, they really do seem as though they're far from the fore and are comic foils for the alien creature. What's worse out of all of this is that the alien is, well, Seth Rogen playing the same character we've always seen and the jokes look like they are edging a little too close to the American staple.

I'm really hoping that this is just the cut of the trailer, but if not, Paul isn't the film I was hoping for.

Paul tells the story of two British men on their way to a comic-book convention on the west coast of America in their camper van who can't resist the chance to stop off at Area 51 and marvel. However they pass at night and there's nothing to see apart from an escaped alien. Oh yes.

Amazingly the alien is just like Seth Rogen and all the characters he plays in films, so they get on like a house on fire. However there's an MIB chasing them in the guise of Jason Bateman.

Here's the trailer for Paul:



For the love of god, my prayers have been answered.

Surely the best film of 2011.


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