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RentaGhost the film?

RentaGhost.jpgYes, unbelievably the television series that saw dead people create an agency where they hired out ghosts to the living is getting adapted for film. Of all the television series they could have picked this would be so far down the list you'd have gotten bored reading it.

What's more is that Russell Brand is set to star in the film version. Why wouldn't he, it's a British comedy role, and there's only one British comedy actor in Hollywood just now.

At the moment there's not much on the film, other than that Russell Brand is starring and there are nothing but producers on the project, something that always worries me, where's the creative input and control of a director and writer?

The good news, according to Variety, is that the studio and producers are off looking for a writer to make the film in the style of Beetlejuice or Gremlins. Ah, there's your creative control - "This is what we want, go find someone who'll make it the way we want". Well to be fair that's how the system generally works these days.

I vaguely remember moments of the television series of RentaGhost which ran on British television from 1976 to 1984. One of actresses in Coronation Street, Sue Nicholls, played Nadia Popov who would sneeze and something strange would happen, and there was a pantomime horse, and Molly Weir as Hazel McWitch, and more. Michael Staniforth and Edward Brayshaw were the long running members of the show with Staniforth appearing in some fifty-eight episodes and Brayshaw in fifty-five.

Here's the write-up from IMDB to confuse you even more, note I've played around with it a little to make it more readable:

Harold and Ethel Meaker live in South Ealing and run 'Rentaghost' where they rent ghosts out to the public. Over the years many ghosts came and went but the main Rentaghost crew consisted of - Timothy Claypole - A jester at the court of Queen Matilda (The Dreaded Tyrant of the Twelfth Century); Hazel the McWitch - The ghost of a Scottish witch who was recruited during the rentapotion venture; Nadia Popov - A Dutch ghost who still suffered from hayfever and had a habit of 'popping off' whenever she saw a flower; Fred Mumford - Originally founded Rentaghost after becoming a ghost in a shipping accident six months previously and runs the business for a short time; Hubert Davenport - A distinguished Victorian gentleman; Harold Meaker - Originally the spooks landlord but later took over the business when Fred Mumford couldn't keep up with the rent; Ethel Meaker - Harold's wife who fancies herself as a bit of a singer, and the Meaker's next door neighbours, Rose and Arthur Perkins, who were convinced that the Meaker's were a pair of nutters and hired a private detective then tried to get a psychiatrist to convince them that they needed treatment.

Still, it's not that readable. So there is the breakdown of some of the main characters of the story, but I don't really expect the film version to carry much more than the basic premise of a group of dead people hiring themselves out to the living to carry out small tasks. Perhaps one time the get caught up in something more serious, who knows, but there won't be many real similarities to the television show I'm sure.

And as if by magic, according to Deadline Hollywood Daily, Brand will play Fred Mumford, a man who has recently died and sees the opportunity to set-up this very strange business. Joining forces with a couple of other ghosts he creates a job agency who rent out the ghosts to those still alive. Of course, things go wrong, why wouldn't they?

Strange choice of shows don't you think? What are your memories of RentaGhost then? I remember Molly and Popov distinctly.



Funny TV series, however I don't see Russell Brand fitting in, unless he plays Timothy Claypole.

I don't remember RentaGhost at all.


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