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Stalked: Star Trek sequel writers talk, Hanks on Triple Frontier, Neeson's new roles, Rock of Ages adaptation, Kelly wants more Southland Tales

Star Trek writers moving forward with sequel...

Tom Hanks confirmed for Triple Frontier...

Neeson gets two more superb roles...

Rock of Ages musical looks to Mary J. Blige...

Kelly still wants Southland Tales prequel...

Star Trek writers moving forward with sequel...
There's not really much said by Alex Kurtman and Robert Orci, but they are clear on one thing, they're moving forward with the Star Trek (Filmstalker review) sequel. With the first film they had to bring the characters together, and they've done that, it's all go for the sequel. They do tell us that they're looking at old Star Trek episodes now for ideas. The story comes from the L.A. Times.

Tom Hanks confirmed for Triple Frontier...
One of the producers of Triple Frontier Charles Roven has revealed that Tom Hanks has indeed signed up for the Kathryn Bigelow directed and Mark Boal written film about the unlawful area between the borders of the countries of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. The story comes from Coming Soon.

Neeson gets two more superb roles...
Liam Neeson has two new roles on his to do list already. One is called Last Stand and the man behind it is Ji-woon Kim who gave us the excellent The Good, the Bad, the Weird (Filmstalker review). The film will see him playing a sheriff on the Mexican border with the U.S. who stands between Mexico and a drug cartel leader who has escaped from an American courthouse.

The other role, according to Variety through First Showing, is called An Ordinary Man and comes from the director of Land of the Lost (Filmstalker review), Brad Silberling. It will see him play a fugitive war criminal who will be based on the real Slobodan Milosevic. Both sound really interesting projects, Neeson fairly knows how to pick his roles doesn't he?

Rock of Ages musical looks to Mary J. Blige...
Mary J. Blige is in talks to star in an adaptation of the Broadway musical Rock of Ages. I'm sure I wrote about this a while ago on the Filmstalker Facebook Page. The director of Hairspray Adam Shankman is directing and choreographing the film which features the big rock songs of the eighties, songs by bands such as Journey, Joan Jett, Bon Jovi and Pat Benatar. Meanwhile its story follows a couple that meets at the Sunset Strip club Rock of Ages, falls in love and tries to stay together while living the rock life as described in the songs.

One of the strengths of the adaptation is that the creator of the musical wrote the adaptation, Chris D'Arienzo. The story comes through Variety. I imagine Blige is just one of the real singers who will be in the film, mind you, she can act as well which is a bonus.

Kelly still wants Southland Tales prequel...
Richard Kelly revealed on Kevin Smith's Smodcastle through /Film that he still wants to create a film based on the Southland Tales prequel comics, and that he has the script ready. In fact he wrote scripts that he handed to Brett Weldele to illustrate for the graphic novel and then, when that was complete, he adapted the story into a script again. Seems ready to go.

"I knew I had bitten off more than I could chew. I knew that people wouldn't understand Southland Tales unless they read the graphic novels...But I still to this day feel like Southland Tales is an unfinished film...I'm going to figure out how to advance the graphic novels further - whether its trying to put them together as a low budget animated film, whether it looks like Waltz with Bashir or it looks like one of The Animatrix prequels.



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