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Wachowskis writing and directing Robin Hood tale

Wachowskis.jpgIt seems almost too bizarre to say, but the Wachowski Brothers, Andy and Lana, have written a script for their version of the classic Robin Hood story and are set to direct the film which is, as usual, all hidden behind a veil of secrecy.

However there's already a name mentioned in relation to the casting, which does seem strange. If we don't know anything about the plot or the script then how do we know who's up for a part?

I'll tell you, those pesky "insiders" again. For the rumour is that Will Smith has been "reached out" to for the film. Now that's not even in association with a role, or with an offer or even an audition, this could even relate to the production looking for new producers, it's that vague. It could even just be a complete rumour and there's nothing to it.

The Hollywood Reporter have the story with not much substance to it, and it seems strange that there's not some huge twist to the idea already for just a straight Robin Hood story doesn't sound like something that would tickle The Wachowski brothers.

I wonder if they are going for a modern version of the story, or something that takes it far away from the classic tale we know.

Whether it's true or not we'll find out in due course, but the idea of them making a film with their own unique stamp from such a classic as Robin Hood is very interesting.

Look at their recent project Cobalt Neural 9. There it wasn't enough that archaeologists were looking back through evidence to recreate what happened to U.S. forces in the occupation of Iraq, but they also have the extra twist that it's told through found footage and two male soldiers who are also gay and falling in love, and to just turn it even more from the average tale, the two are planning to assassinate George W. Bush.

If they get that twisted on a straight plot of a war film, what are they going to do with Robin Hood?



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