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Your Christmas films

Present.jpgBy now you should have received all your Christmas gifts and had a chance to play with them, if not watch all the DVDs and Blu-rays you’ve been given, after all there’s been a lot on television too, and there’s still more to come, but what have you actually watched, and what have you received?

What films have you discovered on television this year to take you through the days of Christmas? Have there been any films that have reminded you of the joys of the festive period or you’ve watched with friends or loved ones who were seeing it for the first time? Or, judging by the quality of some of the films this year, what were the worst ones you’ve seen?

Then there are all the film presents you no doubt received. I had a number of film related on my wishlist, but only received a couple. What did you get, and which did you particularly enjoy?

These are your Christmas films.

I’ve found the films on television this year all rather uninspiring, but there was one rather illuminating surprise when I returned to watch an old favourite, a film I’d never watched with my wife, Singin’ in the Rain.

I think the last time I watched it was well before I started writing about films, so it was a bit of a revelation to see it again. I was amazed at how insightful it was of Hollywood of the time and how much it had to say about fame, stars, and the studio system, and how much fun it poked at them all. Surprisingly it was a rather clever film as well as being hugely entertaining, and my wife and I had a great time watching it, laughing, Singin’, and enjoying the dance numbers. Gene Kelly, who co-directed some of the film, Donald O'Connor, Debbie Reynolds and Jean Hagen were a fantastic cast.

On the whole though it’s been rather dull television wise, and that’s why I’m glad that I had some film related items on my wishlist. I received a copy of Imperial Life in the Emerald City: Inside Iraq's Green Zone (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), the book on which Green Zone (Filmstalker review) is based. Now it’s not the film that made me want to see it, but the fact that this is actually the real insight into what happened within the closed walls of Saddam’s Palace grounds once the coalition forces had taken it over.

The best film related gift for me though was the Alien Anthology on Blu-ray (Amazon.co.uk
/ Amazon.com
). I know, I already have the Quadrilogy on DVD, but this has new extras as well as new transfers of the films, and although it hasn’t been opened yet, the prospect of watching Alien and Aliens in full high definition with audio tracks to boot has me salivating.

Those are the highlights of Christmas viewing and Christmas gifts for me so far. Thankfully I don’t have any negatives as I just turned over during some of the more disastrous films. The Miracle on 34th Street remake was turned over quickly, but I couldn’t resist Jack Frost, a guilty pleasure that does bring a tear to the eye.

So what about you? What are the highs and lows of your cinematic Christmas whether they be in the cinema, on the television or arrived in the form of gifts, and why do you feel the way you do about them? Was there something special that happened with your cinematic viewing this year?



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