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24 film not happening, again

24_Poster.jpgWhile Keifer Sutherland has once again been saying the 24 film is just around the corner, the studio have been saying something rather different and going back on his promised timelines rather quickly.

It seems that while Sutherland wants Bauer on film, the studio are a bit more cautious, or perhaps not even liked minded enough to bring the character into the feature film world, something I fear that would lose a big portion of what 24 is all about.

Well it's not a fear is it? It's hard fact. One of the big draws of 24 is the fact that it's played out in real time over twenty four hours, excessive American television breaks aside, and that packed into those twenty four hours are so many story threads you can hardly believe, and just try and count the number of twists and turns.

None of this would manage to relate to the film for you have around two hours to deliver the same level of pace, tension and complex story as you have before. How can two hours live up to the twenty four we saw on each series?

Well we did see an attempt at it with the television movie between series, but it really didn't have the same feel and the intensity of Bauer was lost and he became another action hero.

I don't know. They definitely didn't manage to convince me with that television movie, and I'm really not convinced that Jack Bauer can make the transition to film as well as we hoped.

Keifer Sutherland hasn't been so sure though and he's always been on the side of the character moving to the big screen. He's been talking about the idea again last week, and the relevant sections of the video interview from Extra are shown in this video through JoBlo:

Well he struggles with when the shooting date will be and he changes his mind through the interview. Fair play to him though he has to keep the idea of the film alive since he's the lead actor and an executive producer, but will it really happen? The studio aren't so sure.

There Sutherland is saying eight months to a year, in comments from a publicist for 20th Century Fox through The Hollywood Reporter, Reuters and Yahoo Movies we hear something a little different:

"Unfortunately, Kiefer is overly optimistic... The project is still in development, with no director attached. All the other details have been reported."

Still in development? Well that could be a very long way off and there's still a big question mark over whether it will get made or not if that's the case.

Although I would love to see more, I believe it has to be a television series otherwise it loses a lot of the power it controls in that unique format. That last series was one of the best yet and had my wife and I on the edge of our seats, it also had a few tears from us at the end, I really don't see how a series could beat that, never mind a film.



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