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Babycall trailers online

NoomiRapace.jpgTwo new non-English language trailers have arrived online and while I can't understand a word in either of them, they are worth sharing for very different reasons.

The first trailer is for a film starring the actress Noomi Rapace. The film was actually made before she became as famous as she has.

I have to admit to being thoroughly unimpressed with the trailer for Babycall. I know that Noomi Rapace is in it and she did a great job in the Girl With the... films, but this trailer is very uninspiring and I think without her no one would be watching it, don't you?

Here is the Babycall trailer which comes through Twitch:

There you have it. The premise of the film is that the woman has left an abusive relationship and taken her child into hiding with her. The baby monitor begins picking up conversations from around the house and she hears what could be a murder.

The trailer for Babycall doesn't give us much more than we get in the blurb, in fact much less. What do you think? Is it going to play on the new found fame of Rapace?



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