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Orange Wednesdays Rising Star Awards 2011 nominees

BAFTA.jpgThe nominees for the 2011 BAFTA Orange Wednesdays Rising Star Awards have been announced, and as with all the BAFTA awards, I find that they tend to be the awards for the more deserving performances, and more often than not they tend to be the ones I agree with most.

So there are a couple of names in here that I thoroughly agree with but are also for stars who have been practicing their craft for some time, and one that you might think should already have been through these awards. However these are the awards that you can make a difference with, for it's all down to your vote.

The nominees are:

Gemma Arterton
Andrew Garfield
Tom Hardy
Emma Stone
Aaron Johnson

Looking at the past few roles on each of the stars careers it's clear to see why they're here.

Gemma Arterton appeared in the excellent The Disappearance of Alice Creed (Filmstalker review) and turned out a career changing performance. Before then she was getting bigger roles with Quantum of Solace (Filmstalker review) really getting her noticed, but this role did something special for her, it showed what a truly convincing performance she can turn out and that there was a lot more depth to her. Still, the big Hollywood roles were coming too, with Clash of the Titans and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time being followed by the British Tamara Drewe. She's not going to be typecast.

Andrew Garfield also had a film of mark that really pushed him forward, but it was a television film and it was three of them. His role in the Red Riding trilogy showed his talent and his latest film gave him a leading role in The Social Network (Filmstalker review) that he's getting plenty of notice for. Now he's about to follow it up as the new Spider-Man, a make or break for the franchise, but even if it fails it's hardly going to leave a tarnish on the young reputation of the actor.

Tom Hardy. You are kidding me? Come on BAFTA, you mean you haven't noticed this guy before? Well it's something about the Rising Star Award, it's not just for the brand new actors, it's about the actors who are on the cusp of stardom, and Hardy is definitely tipping well over that cusp. I'd say he made me sit up and notice for RocknRolla (Filmstalker review), followed that with Bronson (Filmstalker review) which forced a lot more people to leap up and run for cover. However it's Inception (Filmstalker review) that's caught the world's attention for this actor and the roles are pouring in.

Emma Stone has...ermm...well...Zombieland (Filmstalker review), there we go. The House Bunny? Easy A? I'll move on.

Aaron Johnson was in Nowhere Boy and then shot to fame with Kick-Ass which he's following soon with Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall. The roles haven't been pouring in yet but there are rumours, and his performance in Kick-Ass isn't going to go unnoticed.

This represents the breadth of the BAFTA Orange Wednesdays Rising Star Awards, Aaron Johnson to Tom Hardy. So who would you pick out of that list?

Remember, and it's something I forgot to mention, the Orange Wednesdays Rising Star Awards is one that you, the audience, award. You vote for the winner and in the process you might even win VIP tickets to the BAFTAs themselves.

You can vote online from the BAFTA site, just look to the voting box on the right, as well as read up on the nominees and watch some video interviews with them.



I don't have a say, but I'd definitely go with Tom Hardy. Like you, I discovered him in RocknRolla. I haven't been able to get enough since. I've tried to get my hands on a lot of his earlier work, although "Stuart, A Life Backwards" is not available in the States. (I may have to find a region 2 on eBay and watch on my computer lol) And you're right, he's been 'on the cusp' for a long time but, it was Inception that made most of the world, particulary mainstream Hollywood, take notice.


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