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Bond 23 baddie rumour and cash in concerns

JamesBond.jpgSome rumours have come in that suggest the Bond 23 production is rolling on rather well with a name being tipped as the new baddie for Daniel Craig's Bond to go up against, and it's a cracking suggestion if you ask me, a guy that really can nail a bad guy and carries a huge cinematic presence and charm on screen.

That's coupled with the rumour that worries me about the film, one of these behind the scenes business based rumours that seems to hold no connection with the reality of the end product and what actually makes it a success. Let's just hope this has no bearing on the creative side of the film.

First up the story is that there's a bad guy in the works for the new Bond film, well I say bad guy but that isn't even confirmed yet. All we know is that the actor has been offered a role in the film, although that is a rumour and unconfirmed it might actually turn out to be true, more often than not this site has a pretty good track record.

Deadline are reporting that Javier Bardem has been offered a role next to Daniel Craig in the next Bond film, and if that's true then he's likely playing a bad guy. Good choice. He's a great actor and visually strong on screen, as striking and moody as Craig. The two would go well head to head.

The other part of the story is something that always worries me about businesses, something I often heard about in my day to day work at a worldwide organisation who would make high level decisions based on spreadsheets and totals, completely missing the point about what made a project a success at the ground level or what benefits would be brought or profits returned down the line. It was all about the hard, quick cash return and those figures.

The story is that MGM is trying to ensure that the Bond franchise returns the best amount of money for the recently resurrected MGM, a company just lifted out of bankruptcy and in huge need of cash flow.

So they are trying to put pressure on companies who are looking to buy the worldwide distribution rights for Bond 23 to ensure that they also sign up to co-finance a number of other films through MGM, so that whoever signs up for Bond is going to be saddled with a number of other films from MGM.

Now this probably will have little effect on the Bond production, and I really hope it does, but it's putting pressure on the distribution deal for Bond based on whatever MGM is trying to tie the company up with next.

After talking it through on paper as I wrote that, I'm not so sure this is going to be such a big deal, after all Bond still stands strong throughout this and the distribution deal is going to be made and bring in cash for the production no matter what.

I guess the concern is what else on the production will be affected by the desire to make cash returns to help MGM.



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