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Bond is back

JamesBond.jpgAs MGM find the deal to save their company and bring a two Hobbit film production to life, so we hear from their other jewel in the crown, the Bond franchise. Unsurprisingly the announcement has come that it's up and running, and that the names we were expecting are confirmed.

First up, Bond 23 is a go. November 2012 is the date with production beginning in late 2011. The script was written by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and John Logan, Sam Mendes is directing and Daniel Craig is returning.

There's no real surprise there to be honest, and once MGM was saved and The Hobbit was announced it was just a matter of time before we heard that Bond was the next on the slate, after all these are the films that will make the company money and save them from debt.

The Hollywood Reporter has the story that production is beginning, and several large companies are pressing MGM for the distribution deal, Paramount and Sony are the two names being mentioned.

That's really of no interest to us though, the film is getting made. What's interesting is that the script is complete, or according to the wording of the article it is - "The script was written by..." not "is". So what does that mean? Are we getting the third in the trilogy that rebooted Bond? That started us on this Quantum organisation journey? Or are they dropping it after a poorly made second film to go in a different direction because obviously the story was to blame and not those making the film, particularly those editing it?

We're not sure as yet, but it's an important question. Discussing it with a friend we thought the best thing to do was a mixture of both. Keep the Quantum organisation as the current franchise baddie to underpin all the films and bring out something new, it's a fair idea. Mind you, I'd still like to see a proper conclusion to the previous trilogy and see Bond take his final step towards maturity as the agent we all know and love.

It's Deadline that suggests this script starts off right where Quantum of Solace ended, and that would mean we're going for the trilogy. Let's hope so.

What would you rather see? Trilogy completion or a new story entirely?

Good news though, Bond and Craig are back, how can you not be excited?



I would like to see them start from scratch and use new characters and villains, maybe even some old ones (Q , Money Penny ) , but at the same time maybe it would be wise to have elements from "Casino Royale" and "Quantum" and have some kind of closure, but yet move on at the same time with new material, I cant wait for the return of 007


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