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Bousman's Mother's Day trailer arrives

MothersDay.jpgI don't think this is the final trailer for Darren Lynn Bousman's remake of Mother's Day because the beats feel a little off, the track doesn't quite fit with the images, and between the nice moments that work well there are a couple of montages of shots that just aren't as strong as the rest.

Saying that though apart from a few recognisable faces there's one thing that draws you in, Rebecca De Mornay as the titular mother.

I don't know, I think this could turn out to be a rather good horror film, there's certainly far more in that trailer than a lot of horrors and there's plenty of room to allow it to be a lot more than the average horror. Certainly it's sparse from the standard stock moments you'd expect, and it looks like Rebecca De Mornay is hinting at the rest of the performance in the film.

Here's the blurb through AITH:

After a bank robbery has gone wrong, and three brothers head for home, hoping their MOTHER (Rebecca De Mornay) can provide them with a getaway. The youngest brother, JOHNNY (Matt O'Leary), has been shot, and their back-stabbing former partner has gotten away with all the cash.

But when the brothers get home, they find that all their stuff is gone and Mother is nowhere to be found: She lost the house months ago in a foreclosure. The new owners, BETH and DANIEL SOHAPI (Jaime King and Frank Grillo), and their guests, gathered for an ill-timed birthday party, become the brothers' unwitting hostages.

Not long after, Mother arrives, along with the boys' sister LYDIA (Deborah Ann Woll), and it soon becomes clear that Mother will do absolutely anything to protect her children. In one terrifying evening she brilliantly takes control of the situation and masterminds her sons' escape from the law.

Sides will be taken, secrets revealed, and sins punished as the hostages struggle to make it through the night alive.

I'm still a horror fan, despite everything that's been happening to the genre recently, and I really would love to see something come out that's not all stock shocks, predictable, and filled with daft characters making stupid decisions.

Mind you I'm equally tainted by the desire to think up an even more gorier and horrific moment than the last film rather than build a scary story that genuinely unnerves.

Could Mother's Day deliver? Will Darren Lynn Bousman break the Saw formula? Here's the trailer:



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