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Brotherhood trailer online

Brotherhood.jpgThe trailer for Brotherhood looks really good, making a strong thriller out of a relatively small event that grows bigger and bigger, cascading out of control no matter how much the lead characters try and keep it under control. It's the kind of thriller that can really draw people in.

Brotherhood is the story of a college fraternity initiation going wrong, initiations that are escalating every year, trying to be more and more outrageous and harder and harder to complete. One fraternity is asking their potential new members to rob a convenience store at gunpoint. They do, and that's when things start spiralling out of control.

The trailer is really quite good and you can see the escalation of the events before you as each of the characters make terrible decisions and get caught up in events which are racing forward faster than they can stop them, and every attempt just fans the flames.

I've not seen the film and I'm not sure who will be for last year it played festivals and never received a deal, there's no word of a release on the horizon, and yet from the strength of this trailer you'd think that it would be find a deal without a problem.

Brotherhood won the audience award for Narrative Feature at the SXSW Festival last year, so that's not a bad indicator either.

Here's the trailer so you can see what you think and spread some desire for a release. The more that see it and the more that know about it, the more chance of a deal.

Here's the trailer which you can also see over at Yahoo Movies:



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