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Clooney to play The Monster of Florence?

GeorgeClooney.jpgThis could indeed be a wonderful role for George Clooney, and one where he might well shed the nicer side of his image, something I think he excels at when he does.

The film in question is an adaptation of the book The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston and Mario Spezi (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), a book that sees the two investigating the sixteen murders in Italy from the late sixties through to the middle of the eighties that are seemingly connected and fall under the name of Il Mostro.

It's never been known if there is one or more murderers and whether or not the three men convicted of the crimes are indeed those that perpetrated it. In fact during the investigations for the book Mario Spezi was arrested by the police on suspicion of being the murderer, and both authors were themselves investigated by the police and charged with obstructing justice.

It began when author Douglas Preston moved to Florence and met Spezi. He discovered that his new home in Florence was the location of one of the murders, and as he found out more he became hooked on the idea of writing about the true life case.

It's an interesting case, and you can read a little more about it over at Wikipedia. However the book sounds the more interesting story, investigating and uncovering the person who could be the real killer while the authors are being investigated by the police who seem more intent on stopping them than finding out if they really had the right three men in prison.

The Hollywood Reporter has the story about the film and reminds us that Christopher McQuarrie and Nathan Alexander had been writing the screenplay from the adaptation of the book for United Artists, then run by Tom Cruise who was expected to star as the alleged killer. However people and events moved on and when UA had problems the project was halted and McQuarrie and producers took the film to Smoke House Productions and George Clooney.

So right now there's no word of whether or not he will star as the main character, the killer, but he is attached to the project and McQuarrie and Alexander are hard at work on the script once more.

This could be a strong role for Clooney who would be great in the role, although looking back I would have been intrigued with the idea of Cruise playing him, remember his role in Collateral? Still, Clooney can be great when playing a bad guy, it's not a role he's commonly taken with, especially one hiding his crimes and pretending to be a normal person.



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