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Elite Squad 2 (Tropa de Elite 2) trailer online

TropadeElite2.jpgElite Squad 2 (Tropa de Elite 2) is the sequel to the strong Elite Squad (Tropa de Elite) (Filmstalker review), and if you hadn't guessed that then I'm really not sure what you were thinking!

Elite Squad 2 (Tropa de Elite 2) follows the characters from the first film a decade after we first saw them. José Padilha once again directs the film starring Wagner Moura, André Ramiro and André Mattos.

From all accounts the story is tougher and harder than the original and sees the elite force bigger and tougher than before tackling an enemy that has become just as big and as tough as they have. Here's the blurb:

More than a decade after waging urban war on the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Captain Nascimento remains the controversial head of BOPE, the special-forces military police. Government officials hope to weaken the rash, but publically adored, officer by taking him off the streets and giving him a desk job in the State Department. Never one to fall in line, a maturing Nascimento must adapt his old tactics to a new position and a new enemy.

In this viscerally charged ride, José Padilha adeptly avoids the typical pitfalls of sequels by examining new themes of politics and corruption.

I did enjoy Elite Squad (Tropa de Elite) (Filmstalker review) although there were a few areas that it could really have been improved in a number of areas, I wonder if the sequel has done that?

Here's the new trailer for Elite Squad 2 (Tropa de Elite 2) which delves into the story and the action a bit more than the previous.

That certainly does suggest it's going to be better.



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