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Freddie Mercury film underway, along with more Queen

FreddieMercury.jpgWhile we heard a little while ago that Sacha Baron Cohen was going to play the charismatic and thoroughly amazing singer and writer Freddie Mercury in a biographical film of his life, there hasn't been much news since. We heard the announcement and that was that.

Now though we've heard from some of the members of Queen, Brian May and Roger Taylor, who have revealed that there's a first draft of a script and that there's more than this Freddie Mercury film to look forward too as regards Queen on the big screen.

Peter Morgan is writing the story of Freddie Mercury's life, and while we don't know how far reaching the film will be, it does promise to span his time as the lead of Queen through some of their best times, and the rumour has that this would stretch up until the point of their Live Aid performance, something truly epic to have seen.

Brian May and Roger Taylor told Queen Online through Collider that Peter Morgan has just finished the first draft, that Sacha Baron Cohen is excited about playing the role, and that the production is preparing to start filming this year.

”Sacha Baron Cohen is chomping at the bit to get into the role, in a way which certainly would delight Freddie ! The whole team now working on preparing for a shoot later this year, and a release in the late Autumn of 2012.”

See, I told you. Brian goes on and talks a little bit more about some Queen projects, most specifically the fact that they are going to be bringing the stage musical We Will Rock You to film.

”We are also laying the foundations for WWRY THE MOVIE, and again, we already have a great script for it from Ben...

...Roger and I will be working together on new WWRY theatre projects, too, beginning with the imminent launch of the show in Norway next month. And we have a couple of interesting new buns in the studio oven, about which more soon.”

That's Ben Elton who wrote the stage show with Queen's music. It'll be interesting to see how his script fares with Hollywood, and it may only be after the release of the Freddie Mercury film that we'll know if this one will get made, but the studios would be daft not to pick it up, after all there's a ready made army of Queen fans out there. Actually more than an Army, a continent's worth.

I'm really excited to see the film of Mercury's life, but what I want to be in there are plenty of Queen songs too, something I think we'll hear considering the stage performances we'll catch a glimpse of and the fact that the surviving members of Queen are all on board.

Will Sacha Baron Cohen pull off the character though, and will this lead the way for the We Will Rock You film?



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