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Lethal Weapon remake begins

LethalWeapon.jpgWe did hear word that a few studios were going to plunder their back catalogues and produce more remakes this year, but this latest news is stretching things a little too far, a reboot of Lethal Weapon with an all new cast?

Well if Warner Bros. have their way that's exactly what's going to happen and the while the work on a potential Lethal Weapon 5 seems to have halted the studio have decided to go back to the beginning and recast, perhaps in an effort to get rid of Mel Gibson from the franchise.

While I find the idea of a Lethal Weapon 5 film not the brightest or most attractive of ideas there were a couple of things going for it, the original cast and the original writer Shane Black was set to write a script and had already produced a treatment for it.

Apparently it all derailed when Mel Gibson's private life was so sought after in the press, and when the media gave him a continual beating - yes Deadline, it was the media that beat on him not himself. He said and did some things in his private life that weren't exactly positive, but it was the press that kept at him and took great delight in labelling him and ripping him apart - his star rating became somewhat tarnished.

So with the studio nervous that a new Lethal Weapon with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover and the original writer, who should also have been given the reigns of the film, would have been hugely unpopular with audiences in walked Will Beall with a pitch that sold the studio on a remake with a new cast.

Great idea. What makes Lethal Weapon? Ask anyone. It's the relationship between those two characters and the writing, and with another two actors what would it look like? Well in this modern Hollywood you only have to look at the cop-buddy comedy films of late to realise it would be nothing like Lethal Weapon.

However there's still a sparkle of life in this idea that might make it work. Beall is a former Los Angeles police officer and wrote the novel L.A. Rex as well as the script for the crime drama Gangster Squad, and there's no atypical Hollywood comedy in there, that's all hard and tough all the way.

According to Deadline Beall has pitched an R-rated film. I wonder, could this remake be going in the right direction? Is Beall maybe using his real life experiences of being a police officer to make a more realistic cop-buddy film that has real life comedy in it too?

If he is I wish they would pitch it as a new film and leave Lethal Weapon alone. I know that they are cashing in on the fans and the existing title, but what's the point? For Lethal Weapon you need Gibson and Glover, that's that.

However, this new film I am interested in, just don't let a comedy writer near Beall's script.



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