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New Godzilla close to signing director

GarethEdwards.jpgThere's a new director set to take up the challenge for Godzilla, and the name might be surprising for a few, he's definitely surprising to me if I think about how the connection was made in Hollywood but unsurprising considering his talent on Monsters (Filmstalker review).

That film was damn good and concentrated more on the characters, their relationships and the allegory of immigrants than the monsters themselves, but it did it in a subtle and clever way. Add to that the fact that we hardly saw the monsters and always the devastating effects, and we had a superb film.

What puzzles me about this choice though are those very facts. That doesn't sound like a Godzilla film - characters, relationship, telling another story entirely, a political and social problem that is very relevant in many countries throughout the world today. Godzilla? Not really.

It does sound like the studio executives were watching Monsters and saw the scene with the cars being lifted up and thrown around in the middle of the night and the closing scenes at the petrol station and thought, this is the next Godzilla.

It doesn't seem as though they considered the rest of the film, although to be fair the new script for the film might just deliver that kind of depth.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Gareth Edwards is about to sign the deal that will see him develop and direct the next Godzilla film for Legendary and Roy Lee is amongst the names of the producers behind it, and when I see his name I always think that there's a really good chance this isn't a straight up Hollywood production.

I have to say that I really did like Monsters (Filmstalker review), and you should read the review as proof, and when watching it I didn't think of Godzilla type films at all, I would have thought of something way more intelligent than that, and yet there are some good chances this new Godzilla film could go that way, especially as Edwards would be developing the story with the unsigned writer.

There are good signs here, not least of all Edwards himself, and if it all comes together this is going to be far from the previous Hollywood Godzilla and should deliver something much richer and more intelligent. At least that's what I'm holding out for.



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