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New Red Riding Hood trailer

RedRidingHood.jpgThere's a new trailer online for Catherine Hardwicke's Red Riding Hood, yes she directed Twilight so let's hope this isn't all teen angst disguised as something more. However looking at the trailers while you might be getting the whiff of Twilight from the soundtrack, the rest of it looks like we're getting something harder and tougher.

Amanda Seyfried stars as a woman torn between two men...oh dear me, we're not going down this route straight away are we? While her parents have arranged for her to marry one man, she is in love with someone from outside the village. It's sounding like Twilight already, but hold up, here's where it gets interesting.

Before she's dragged off to marry the man she doesn't want to, the beast from outside the village kills her sister. The village has been keeping an uneasy truce with this beast throughout the years by giving it an animal sacrifice every month, however this month, beneath a blood red moon, it took the life of one of their own.

With the village up in arms they hire a werewolf hunter Father Solomon, played by Gary Oldman, to track down and kill the beast. He promotes the belief that the beast could be any one of them and so suspicion and mistrust reign between neighbours.

Meanwhile Valerie begins to suspect that she might know the werewolf herself. No, really?

Apart from Amanda Seyfried and Gary Oldman the film also stars Lukas Haas, Virginia Madsen, Billy Burke, Max Irons, Shiloh Fernandez and Julie Christie. It's a good cast, and while I'm having a pop at the whole Twilight thing, Catherine Hardwicke is a good director. What I do hope is that she's not carrying too much of that world onto her next film, in the write up there's a little too much suggestion that perhaps she is.

So to hell with the write up, let's see the trailer, for the concept and the treatment of this retelling of the classic story looks to be pretty interesting. You can catch the new trailer for Red Riding Hood over at Apple in high definition Quicktime, or see it below through Latino Review.



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