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New Scream 4 trailer pulled?

Scream4.jpgThere's a new Scream 4 trailer online and it features a lot of new footage and some new characters too. It's looking rather good, and I really like the way that in the film the events have become a parody and a bit of a joke to the town.

However it's not a joke to the characters who remember the original, and it's not a parody to those who soon start to realise that there really is a killer out there on the very anniversary of the original murders.

There's another thing I instantly love about the trailer, the way some of the characters are second guessing themselves in the film and what the rules should or shouldn't be. You know, this could turn out to be a rather good film after all.

Here's the blurb for Scream 4 from TrailerAddict:

Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), now the author of a self-help book, returns home to Woodsboro on the last stop of her book tour. There she reconnects with Sheriff Dewey (David Arquette) and Gale (Courteney Cox), who are now married, as well as her cousin Jill (Emma Roberts) and her Aunt Kate (Mary McDonnell). Unfortunately Sidney's appearance also brings about the return of Ghostface, putting Sidney, Gale, and Dewey, along with Jill, her friends, and the whole town of Woodsboro in danger.

The blurb doesn't come close to building the film as much as the new trailer does. The question is though, who is going to die? Okay, there's another question, will this be a straight hand off to an all new Scream crew and pave the way for a new trilogy of younger faces in the same situations?

Update: Even before I got to publish this the Scream 4 trailer was removed, here's another version. Looks like there's something not right with it and another version is due soon.



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