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Second Lovelace film faces similar problems

Lovelace.jpgThere's a second, possibly bigger cast Linda Lovelace biographical film in development, but it's facing the same financial issues as Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story is, which is no doubt feeling the pinch even more now that the headline grabbing Lindsay Lohan is off the production.

The film called Lovelace has an offer to Kate Hudson to play the lead of Lovelace with James Franco in discussions to play her husband and the driving force behind her short lived career in pornography, particularly the legendary film Deep Throat.

We all know the story by now, where Linda Lovelace later came out of the adult film industry and claimed that she had been bullied, beaten and threatened into making the films by her husband and others, and also into prostitution. After her these films she took back her name as Linda Boreman and was a staunch voice against pornography.

The story seems one that would sell well in America, portraying the adult industry in such a dark light and having a tale to tell of redemption from the evils of porn, and one of the stars of the time becoming a campaigner against its evils. You'd think they'd be even more viable on the back of the success of the Inside Deep Throat documentary.

That said though we don't know the directions the films will take. Will they concentrate on the events of the film, the early part of her career, the redemption piece, and how will they portray her? Sympathetic or not? It would be interesting if both films took different directions.

However Lovelace, which we first heard about back in January of last year, from the Howl directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, has the possibility of Kate Hudson and James Franco as the leads, and if that came through I think funding would fall into place no matter what the subject matter, don't you?

The comment from Deadline simply says that both projects are struggling to find funding, the first I am surprised about as the Lindsay Lohan experience should surely have raised Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story cash, especially when they replaced her with an actress, Malin Akerman.

I think Lovelace will surely get made first if both Hudson and Franco are on board. Tell you what though, what a career changer this would be for Hudson if it turned out to happen.



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